I'm experienced in developing technical projects that have a positive impact. Specifically, the projects I have created involve web development and NodeJS. If you're interested in hiring me to work on a project, or have an idea, reach out to me here. was a site that I created in early 2021 to help Illinois residents find available appointments for COVID-19 vaccine appointments. The site had 2 million page views and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors between January and May of 2021. Some vaccine locations were updated automatically using web crawlers I built with NodeJS, and others were updated by a group of volunteers.

Technologies used: NodeJS, Puppeteer, HTML/CSS/JS, Airtable

Media Coverage: NBC Chicago (and follow up), Chicago Tribune, WBEZ/NPR Chicago (and follow up), American Medical Association, Chicago Magazine, WGN Radio, Block Club Chicago, Fox 32 Chicago, The Daily Northwestern, Scripps

Screenshot of homepage was a site that I created in early 2022 to help Americans find COVID-19 tests that they could purchase online. The site had over 400k page views, and 150k clicks to retailer websites during January 2022. One of the largest retailers reported a 13% conversion rate from click to order. Availability data was automatically updated using NodeJS web crawlers I created. The crawlers then wrote the data to a custom-developed MongoDB backend.

Technologies used: NodeJS, Puppeteer, HTML/CSS/JS, MongoDB, Twilio

Media Coverage: USA Today, CBS News Boston, NBC Chicago, Chicago Tribune, WBBM Radio, Fox 32 Chicago

Screenshot of homepage